Welding, locksmith works

Our companyalso undertakes industrial precision laser welding orders.

High-quality welding

What should you know about our welding service?

    We offer welding services for custom and batch-produced parts. With the help of our CO, Pulse, and AWI welding machines, we can handle welding of both carbon steel and stainless steel materials. Our clients often choose to use this service since we can execute the complete metalworking process in-house, from tube laser cutting to welding the parts together.

    Professional welding for companies

    Areas of use

      Our customers from various industries approach us and utilize our welding services.

      We have already been commissioned to produce various parts for both the agricultural machinery manufacturing and the automotive industry, which were made in impeccable quality, strictly adhering to deadlines.

      Weldable materials:

      • Carbon steel
      • Stainless steel


      Why choose us?

          Fast price offer

          Fast execution

          Reliable, modern machinery

          Our welding machines

          CO, Pulse and AWI welding machines.


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          Target markets

          Construction industry

          Our clients come from various fields and industries. Tube bending is not limited to one area, our service also covers the construction and furniture industries

          Transportation industry

          In order to satisfy the needs of our partners, we contribute to the development of the transportation industry by manufacturing barriers and fences.

          Automotive industry

          We have also been entrusted with the production of various components from the fields of agricultural machinery manufacturing and the automotive industry, and their production poses no obstacle for us.

          Healthcare industry

          We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing fitness equipment for professional use for both the domestic and foreign markets.