Edge bending chamfering

Edge bending is one of the most commonly used technologies in the production technology of sheet metal components.

High-quality edge bending

What should you know about our edge bending service?

    - A particularly important and frequently used area of ​​sheet metal working is edge bending, sheet bending, which is one of the most experienced and skilled processing operations for modern precision parts with complex structures. Our 8-axis press brake ensures precise machining and excellent bending accuracy. Thanks to our experienced team of professionals, computer-aided preparation and control, we can also produce complex sheet metal products without any problems. During press brake bending, the new shape characteristics are created from the existing sheet metal or semi-finished parts, where the sheets are bent, bent back, or flattened.

    Professional edge bending

    Various uses

        • Carbon steel machining
        • Manufacture of automotive parts
        • Edge bending of mass-produced metal components


        Why choose us?

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            During sheet metal bending, the most important factors are material quality, sheet thickness, bending length, and bending angle range. Our goal is to eliminate our current dependence, therefore, we try to expand our range of services by involving various activities. CNC sheet metal bending is one of the most commonly used technologies in the manufacturing process of sheet metal parts.

            Our edge bending machines

            Our edge bending machine  is an iBend C135-3100 hydraulic 8-axis CNC controlled press brake. With this machine, we are able to perform the most modern bending tasks. Thanks to its speed, we can work more efficiently and take on more complex jobs.


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            Target markets

            Construction industry

            Our clients come from various fields and industries. Tube bending is not limited to one area, our service also covers the construction and furniture industries

            Transportation industry

            In order to satisfy the needs of our partners, we contribute to the development of the transportation industry by manufacturing barriers and fences.

            Automotive industry

            We have also been entrusted with the production of various components from the fields of agricultural machinery manufacturing and the automotive industry, and their production poses no obstacle for us.

            Healthcare industry

            We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing fitness equipment for professional use for both the domestic and foreign markets.